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You have a domain name but you need a website.

You are thinking about a website builder, but which one? There are many to choose from and they make very impressive presentations. They are easy to use, some even provide templates and pictures.
Enjoy Your Time

All you need to do is choose which one you want to use. Once you do, you are done. Or are you?

Using a website builder has many advantages. I am not putting them down. They serve a good part of the website community. Just be aware they may be costing you much more than your monthly bill.

They look great and give you the functionality you are looking for but how do they perform under the PageSpeed Insights test Google gives each site. How well does your site do on the search engines (SEO). The answers to these 2 questions will be eye opening. There are other issues – one of the biggest issues will be if – You want to move your website to another host only to find out that your website is built on a proprietary platform.

The 3 issues mentioned are not the only ones but you can see from what has been said – be aware.

Are you stuck?

No, but ask the right questions before you make a bad decision.

Some other issues to be aware of are:

– Do you have a secure domain (SSL)

– Is your website built on a MOBILE-FIRST platform

A website builder platform will not be able to tell you information like this. In order to get these questions answered properly you will need to do quite a bit of research or speak to a professional website designer. A professional website designer will be able to build you a complete website from your specs and also help you with content to add to your site (which is one of the most difficult things to do on your webpages). Your website designer will make sure all your issues and problems are taken care of as well as other items that you are not even aware of. After your new website is built he will be able to tell you the PageSpeed details as well as any other details that you may want to know. The website designer will ask you a few more questions:

– Are you going to update your website pages yourself?

– Do you want your website designer to maintain your site for you?*

– Do you want your website modified for SEO – Search Engine Optimization monthly?*

– Do you need your website designer to maintain your social signals for you?*

These and many other questions will be asked by a good professional web designer. You can save a lot of time and effort by using the right web designer. So – CLICK HERE TO Contact Us NOW

* additional monthly costs may be charged.

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